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Practise Areas

Family & Matrimonial Law


At Goldfield we have a team of specialist family and matrimonial solicitors who understand client’s emotions and are able to provide the appropriate legal advice. 


Goldfield Solicitors provide constructive practical and uncomplicated family and matrimonial law advice to our clients. Legal options such as mediation where appropriate are encouraged instead of adversarial approach to family dispute resolution.


Our dedicated team provide friendly and a high quality services in the areas of;



Childcare arrangements and parental responsibilities

Domestic abuse and related injunctions



Property and finances settlements

Mediation services


We also advice on prenuptial agreements and can secure emergency injunctions for you. We endeavor to undertake our own advocacy wherever possible. Goldfield Solicitors offer an initial free 30 minutes client interview, where we advise you on your options as well as your potential costs.


We are dedicated to delivering a personal and trustworthy service that exceeds our clients expectations. Please call : 020 7372 1966 or email:



 Wills & Probate (Private Client)


Our private client solicitors will provide you an efficient and cost effective legal services in the areas of;




Lasting Powers of Attorney


Tax considerations

Lifetime Tax Planning


We also provide representations at Court of Protection and are able to tailor our services to meet your needs. Our charges are;


Making a will from £180

Amending a will from £150

Making or registering Lasting Power of Attorney from £250 plus disbursement

Grant of probate only from £750 plus disbursements

Administration of Estate from £4500 depending on the size of estate 

Lifetime planning depending on the extent of estate and advice


We are dedicated to delivering a personal and trustworthy service that exceeds our clients expectations. Please call : 020 7372 1966 or email:





At Goldfield Solicitors we support a range of clients from small sole trader businesses to large companies. Our solicitors deal with contentious and non contentious commercial cases including commercial property leases and their renewals.


Our team includes lawyers with commercial experience to advise clients on all options in order that they make a clear and reasonable commercial decision.  Where matters become complex, Goldfield Solicitors work with a team of specialist barristers who are uniquely positioned to litigate contentious cases.


We provide a competitive and a transparent cost option in dealing with;


Commercial leases

Advising on changes to existing commercial leases

Ending leases

Lease renewals including Section 25 and Section 26 notices under Landlord and Tenant Act 1954

Stamp Duty Land Tax on business leases

Exercising break clauses

 Assignment and subletting

Rent reviews

Lease termination and dilapidation claims.


We also offer legal services relating to:


Commercial property and business purchase

Company registration and company structuring

Debt collection

commercial contract disputes


We are dedicated to delivering a personal and trustworthy service that exceeds our clients expectations. Please call : 020 7372 1966 or email:



Personal Injury


At Goldfield Solicitors, we handle accidents involving any type of vehicles including cars, vans, commercial heavy goods vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. We act in your best interest by reaching out to insurers of both sides and strive to preserve your premium at all times. In addition to Road Traffic Injuries, our solicitors handle other types of injuries including;


Slips & trips;

Workplace injuries

Fatal injuries

Holiday injuries


To find out how our solicitors can assist you, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email: 



Landlords & Tenants


Goldfield Solicitors have experts in landlord and tenant matters and able to deal with all you queries.


We act for tenants in respect of;


Housing disrepair



Landlord harassment

Avoiding evictions

All other matters


Our solicitors also act for landlords in the following areas;

Non-payment of rent

Rent areas

Tenancy disputes

All other matters relating to disputes with tenants





Goldfield Solicitors have a team of employment law solicitors who can explain your legal rights as an employee or an employer in simple but clear terms. We deal with all types of employment law cases in a streamlined manner and would provide you with your options, potential compensation and time limits.


We believe that employees all employees have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with the law. Our solicitors have expertise in dealing with employee issues relating to:


Agency & Temporal Workers

Bonus & Pay disputes

Unfair dismissal

Constructive dismissal

Bullying and Harassment

Discrimination at work


Restrictive covenants

Part time working

Settlement agreements

Whistle blower protection



Goldfield solicitors also represent employers in the following areas;

Grievance, disciplinary and appeal hearings

Employment contract

Settlement agreements

Human Resource advisory services


We offer free first appointment and provide a friendly and professional advice. NO win no fee arrangement is available. We also offer fixed fee services such as

Settlement Agreement - £350

Contract of employment  £550

Written statement of terms and conditions of contract of employment £450


 To find out how we can assist you with your employment issues, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email: 




UK Immigration & Nationality


Whether you are applying for a visitor’s visa from abroad, settlement visa or nationality within the UK, Goldfield solicitors is here to help you. Our dedicated solicitors are also experienced in dealing with work visa application for corporate institutions and dealing appealing a refusal order.  Our experience in UK immigration, nationality and citizenship processes and procedures makes Goldfield solicitors the firm of choice for individuals and corporate institutions.


At Goldfield solicitors we offer tailored legal advice on European Union law and legislations and human right laws. On instructing us, you matter would be thoroughly assessment and your options fully explained to you. The chances of success of your application and the potential costs would be explained including the documentations required to support your case. 


We offer clear and fixed costs in some circumstances in areas such as:


  • Advice, representation and appeals against Home Office and Entry Clearance decisions

  • British citizenship / naturalization applications

  • Applications for European Nationals and non-EU family members of EEA nationals

  • Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain

  • Partner, marriage or point – cased system applications

  • Applications for overseas investors and entrepreneurs

  • Representation on Appeals to Asylum and Immigration Tribunals

  • Representation at High Court Judicial Review applications

  • Same day applications and general immigration, nationality and citizenship advice


We can arrange telephone conferences for clients living overseas. At Goldfield Solicitors we are confident your immigration matters would be handled effectively by our trusted solicitors.


To find out how we can assist with all your UK Immigration & Nationality applications, appeals and other issues, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email:


Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration


Our litigation solicitors handle a range of legal disputes on behalf of our clients. Goldfield Solicitors will readily handle your claims against individuals, companies, local authorities or a governmental department.


We offer efficient, practical, flexible and cost-effective litigation services which is adapted to our clients need. We offernegotiation, mediation or arbitration options where appropriate and advice our clients thoroughly.


We issue proceedings or defend our clients at Civil, County or High Court in;


  • Contractual disputes

  • Litigation regarding Inheritance, Wills and Probate

  • Planning law, Property, Boundary and Neighbour disputes

  • Insolvency litigations (Bankrupcy Liquidations, Receivership)

  • Landlord and Tenant disputes including deposit protection

  • Disputes arising from Intellectual Property Protection

  • Breach of confidence and consumer disputes


At Goldfield Solicitors we understand how distressing disputes can be. Our experienced arbitration and mediation solicitors help clients to resolve disputes quickly to achieve the best and most cost effective outcomes. We represent parties in Mediation particularly;


  • Family disputes

  • Employment disputes

  • Commercial disputes

  • Other disputes in our practice areas


We act in your best interest at all times, and seek swift and positive resolutions. To find out how we can assist you in your litigation claims or defence, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email:



Intellectual Property Law


Our specialist solicitors will protect your trade mark in the UK in diverse markets including

Consumer goods



Food and drinks





At Goldfiled Solicitors, we understand the importance of making your company and intellectual rights stand out among its competitors. It is vital for us as it is for our clients to protect their valuable brands from the threats of competitors especially in this modern information technology age.


Our services include;


Trade mark portfolio management

Trade mark availability searches including brand analysis for products and services

Dedicated client IP support and reporting

Trade mark applications including in EU and International

Contentious IP proceedings and opposition, revocations and invalidity

Enforcement services and online brand protection


To find out how we can assist with all your IP issues, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email: 




In a fast changing economic and political environment coupled with complex regulatory regimes, Goldfield Solicitors have recognised the need to meet our clients expectation at all time. Unfamiliar business and management risks demand a new way of doing things.


Goldfield Consulting is a separate business unit of Goldfield Solicitors within the permitted SRA structure, which helps clients meet a new and  emerging issues outside the regulated activities of legal practice in UK.  We provide a practical and quality advice to our clients in;

  • particularly football

  • Cross border crimes such as money laundering, cyber fraud and terrorism financing

  • Corporate structuring including project management, finance and supply chain management

In sports, our dedicated consultants give practical advice to national football governing authorities, sports rights owners, sponsors, individual footballers and player associations. We advice on player signing and negotiating footballers’ remuneration and rights. Goldfield Consultants also organize amateur tournaments and identify talents for signing and transfer to international clubs. Our team of Consultants includes experienced retired international footballers who are still involved in active football management at top tier European clubs.  The experience spans the English premiership, Italian serie A, the German bundesliga and top tier Portugues League including European national team.


 Goldfield Consultants also advice on international white colour crimes and provides training to national governments on issues involving money laundering, international cyber crime, terrorism financing and international human rights. Our team of consultants have extensive experience in the area and have worked in many countries dealing with white colour crimes.


Our management consultants provide consultancy services to domestic or international corporate clients considering establishment and investments in UK or Ghana. Our consultants have considerable corporate experience in UK and Ghana and advice clients on management, finance and supply chain issues.


Goldfield Consultants also have a team of expert who provide advice and training services to international and domestic private or governmental institutions on the prevention of cross-border crimes such as money laundering, cyber fraud and terrorism financing..


To find out how Goldfield Consultants can assist you, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email: 

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