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In a fast-changing economic and political environment coupled with complex regulatory regimes, our Ghana office, Manna Goldfield Solicitors, Ghana have recognised the need to meet clients' expectations at all times. Unfamiliar business and management risks demand a new way of doing things.


Goldfield Consulting is a separate business unit of Goldfield Solicitors, Ghana. We provide practical and quality advice to our clients in;

  • Football agency and management

  • Education and awareness creation on money laundering, cyber fraud, and terrorism financing

  • Commodity trade, investments, and supply chain management


In sports, our dedicated consultants give practical advice to national football governing authorities, sports rights

owners, sponsors, individual footballers and player associations. We advise on player signing and negotiating footballers’ remuneration and rights. Goldfield Consultants also organize amateur tournaments and identify talents for signing and transfer to international clubs. Our team of Consultants includes experienced retired international footballers who are still involved in active football management at top tier European clubs.  Their experience spans the English premiership, Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga and top tier Portugues League including the European national team.


 Goldfield Consultants also organise training and create awareness on international white colour crimes by engaging national governments on issues involving money laundering, international cybercrime, terrorist financing. Our consultants have extensive experience in the area and have worked in many countries dealing with white colour crimes.


Our management commodities team of consultants provides consultancy services to individuals or firms that are considering or have established commodity sourcing and processing business in Ghana. Our consultants have considerable experience in commodity and supply chain management in Ghana.  


To find out how Goldfield Consultants can assist you, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email: 

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