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Intellectual Property

Our specialist solicitors will protect your trademark in the UK in diverse markets including;

  • Consumer goods

  • Automotive

  • Sports

  • Food and drinks

  • Clothing

  • Technology

  •  Art


At Goldfield Solicitors, we understand the importance of making your company and intellectual rights stand out among its competitors. It is vital for our clients to protect their valuable brands from the threats of competitors, especially in this modern information technology age.


Our services include;


  • Trademark portfolio management

  • Trademark availability searches including brand analysis for products and services

  • Dedicated client IP support and reporting

  • Trademark applications including in EU and International

  • Contentious IP proceedings and opposition, revocations, and invalidity

  • Enforcement services and online brand protection


To find out how we can assist with all your IP issues, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email:

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