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Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration

Our litigation solicitors handle a range of legal disputes on behalf of our clients. Goldfield Solicitors will readily handle your claims against individuals, companies, local authorities or a governmental department.


We offer efficient, practical, flexible and cost-effective litigation services which are adapted to our clients need. We offer negotiation, mediation or arbitration options where appropriate and advise our clients thoroughly.


We issue proceedings or defend our clients at Civil, County or High Court in;


  • Contractual disputes

  • Litigation regarding Inheritance, Wills and Probate

  • Planning law, Property, Boundary and Neighbour disputes

  • Insolvency litigations (Bankruptcy Liquidations, Receivership)

  • Landlord and Tenant disputes including deposit protection

  • Disputes arising from Intellectual Property Protection

  • Breach of confidence and consumer disputes


At Goldfield Solicitors, we understand how distressing disputes can be. Our experienced arbitration and mediation solicitors help clients to resolve disputes quickly to achieve the best and most cost-effective outcomes. We represent parties in Mediation particularly;


  • Family disputes

  • Employment disputes

  • Commercial disputes

  • Other disputes in our practice areas


We act in our clients' best interest at all times and seek swift and positive resolutions. To find out how we can assist you in your litigation claims or defence, please call: 020 7372 1966 or email:

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